Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Letter to the President

Dear Mr. President Obama,

As a president, you have an been abject failure.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is still the law of the land and the U.S. military.  Guantanamo Bay is still open for business.  Terror suspects are still being tried in front of military “tribunals” with the use of information gleaned from torture still allowed into evidence.  We are still fighting the wrong kind of war in Afghanistan, pushing our military campaign into Pakistan and keeping tens of thousands of troops in Iraq.  And the biggest banks still exist as the biggest banks instead of having been broken up.

This is not to say that you haven’t had some limited legislative success.  There was credit card reform which still allows credit card companies to charge astronomical interest rates.  Hell, Premier Bankcard offers a credit card with an interest rate of 79.9%.  There was also the “stimulus” package that did anything but stimulate the economy since it was laden with tax cuts instead of actual spending.  Let’s not forget health care insurance reform that mandates that everyone must purchase insurance from private insurance companies without the option of buying into Medicare at any age.

I understand it is in your nature to compromise.  You want to feel like you made everyone happy.  Here is the simple rule about the art of compromise: Start off with what is scariest to the other side and then after they have offered up something do you even think about moving toward them.  The problem is, you compromise right from the start and end up giving the other side everything that they wanted and more, all the while shafting your base.  What makes matters worse is that you then chastise your base for not supporting you.

I full heartedly admit that you were never my choice for president.  I wanted a fighter.  I wanted someone who scared the shit out of the Republicans as a whole and the theocratic fascists specifically.  I wanted someone who would have made support them because they didn’t bow down to pressure from a very vocal minority.  I wanted someone with balls.  In short, I wanted Hillary Clinton, but instead, I got you.  You are milquetoast at best and a traitor to the ideals of the liberalism at worst.  With Democrats like you, who needs Republicans?

Mr. President, I call on you to resign as President of the United States.  Your failures have cost this nation dearly and the only hope we have is for you to leave office.  Do it now while the Democratic Party still has a chance to repair the damage.  Do it now while the Democratic Party still has a chance of nominating a true fighter, someone with balls, to be president in 2012.  Do it now so as we can start to repair the nation, because we can’t do it while you are in office.

Yes, I am not too thrilled with the prospect of a President Biden, but could he be any worse than you?


Phoenix Justice

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