Friday, March 18, 2011

Arizona Senate Does the Right Thing.....For Now

As reported by the Arizona Republic, the Arizona State Senate voted down five bills supposedly aimed at illegal immigration.  It does seem that the State Senate can do the right thing from time to time, but as we in Arizona know, these vile excuses for legislation are not yet truly dead yet.  Like vampires, until the wooden stake of sine die, these apparently dead bills can rise again.

In Arizona, we have what is called the "strike all" provision.  It allows a legislator to take any bill that has passed out of committee and "strike all" but the name and replace it with legislation that died in committee or in a respective chamber.  A "strike all" also doesn't require any further committee or public hearings.

So, all five pieces of hate legislation can once again see the light of day this legislative session as a "strike all".  With hate monger Senator Russell Pearce as Senate President, count on all five to rise once again and possibly even pass in the final days of the session.  Where is a good wooden stake when you need one?

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  1. Gotta disagree with you again, hoss. Your characterization of legislators as hatemongers and your description of these bills as hate legislation is in denial of one fact: The subjects of these bills are here illegally. Your compassion is laudable, but your approach, and ultimately your results, will be disastrous to the state and this country.


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