Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ray Sterne of the Phoenix New Times Sinks Low

Very few things I read on the internet make my stomach turn, but an blog posting Ray Sterne made on the Phoenix New Times' website did just that.  In a blog posting entitled Love, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Style: Captain Joel Fox and Deputy Chief Larry Black Discuss "L" Word Repeatedly in E-Mails, Mr. Sterne strongly suggests that Mr. Fox and Mr. Black are having a gay affair.  Mr. Sterne goes to great length to describe their "love" for each other under the guise of reporting on Mr. Fox's role in the SCA scandal.

This is tabloid journalism at its worst.  I despise the entire command staff of the MCSO and in my opinion, they should all be rotting in a federal prison.  The problem is, I don't give a shit about their personal lives, not in regards to their alleged crimes.  I don't care if Mr. Fox and Mr. Black are gay or not.  It is not relevant to whether or not they have committed any crimes in their capacity as part of Sheriff Arpaio's command structure.

I would hope that Mr. Sterne, writing for the New Times, would know better.  The Phoenix New Times is known for their investigative reporting on issues that The Arizona Republic will often gloss over if not choose to ignore.  The New Times is not known for sleazy hit pieces and this particular posting is sleazy.  I expect better of the New Times.

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  1. You do know that article is in the NT April Fools' Day issue, right?


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