Friday, April 1, 2011

Fuck the Governors, Go National High Speed Passenger Rail!

*NOTE*  Though this was written and posted on April 1, 2011, it is not an April Fool's posting.   What I have written is what I truly feel. - Phoenix Justice - 04-02-11

Republican governors across the nation are squashing attempts to build high speed passenger rail in their states.  Governor Rick Scott turned down over $2 billion in federal aid to build HSPR between Tampa and Orlando that would help alleviate traffic along the I-4 corridor.  This would have been the first leg in Florida's long range plan to connect Tampa, Orlando and Miami by HSPR.

Governor John Kasich turned away funds to create the 3-C Corridor that would have connected Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also turned down federal HSPR funds, though some reports are stating he might be changing his mind.

All three governors are turning down billions in federal funding for HSPR that would create tens of thousands of good paying jobs in construction alone.  Not to mention the fact that these HSPR lines would be another option for those traveling along congested interstate corridors.

The nations of Europe have been investing in HSPR for decades and you can now go from London to Madrid via HSPR.  That's right, you can fly into London and travel through Europe on HSPR.  I love the idea of being able to go to an HSPR station, not having to deal with the airports and traveling in relative comfort.  I also love the idea of seeing this great nation as I travel from city to city.

Right now, I have three choices to go from Phoenix to Los Angeles: Airplane, car or bus.  Scary as the idea might be, I can actually drive to L.A. faster than going via the airlines.  I also get to see the amazing and constantly changing scenery.  Now imagine traveling by HSPR and not having to deal with traffic, construction zones or even airport security all for less than an airline ticket (in most cases).  Now, imagine our entire nation (except for Hawaii) being connected by HSPR.

I think the federal government should say "fuck you" to the various governors and institute a major HSPR initiative to connect all of the state capitals and major metropolitan areas.  Stop trying to negotiate with governors who have their own political agendas and ideology.  Announce that with or without the support of governors and the legislatures the federal government is going to build the HSPR network.

Use the awesome power that is the federal government to do what these lazy ass governors and their legislatures refuse to do.  Put hundreds of thousands of people to work building the HSPR.  Hell, it is the ultimate long term stimulus plan not to mention the most ambitious infrastructure project this nation has ever undertaken.

So, fuck the governors and go national high speed passenger rail!


  1. Well, we'll see it first from Vegas to LA.. Then if Brewski gets her pompous a** tossed out of office and relegated to life as a snake, you may see it by 2020...MAYBE...That is if Pearce doesn't his way and all the people in Az. have LEFT !

  2. Excellent posting, thanks. I quit flying long before 9/11, and will never set foot in an airport if I can help it. But, I did like traveling by train in Japan, and would dearly love to be able to travel via HSR in this country - I would wager it would replace flying in a lot of instances.

  3. @Winski - That's why I think the federal government should just build the HSPR network itself. The conservative governors are holding us back as a nation and we need to just circumvent them. BTW: No need to censor yourself. We are all adults here (anyway I think so).

    @Smaug71953 - I would love to be able to hop on HSPR and go to Vegas, spend a few hour and hop on to go to L.A. and then home to Phoenix. I would love to travel up to Flagstaff by HSPR or down to Tuscon and not get into a car or on a plane.


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