Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Destruction of Full Faith and Credit

Those members of Congress, governors and state legislatures who were elected with the vast support of the "tea party" movement and/or are members of the "tea party" movement have never cared about governing.  Nor do they care about making President Obama a one term president, as is Senate Minority Leader's Mitch McConnell’s stated goal.  No, their only goal is to dismantle our government and replace it with one whose sole purpose is to benefit the wealthy, the privileged and corporations.

Yes, for years the ultra-right conservative movement, their theocratic fascist and corporate allies have been slowly moving us in that direction for at least three decades.  It wasn't until the election of 2010 that the damage was able to be done more quickly and widespread.  Ultra-conservative and theocratic fascist Republicans (UC/TF/R) took control of governorships and state legislatures across the nation, foisting upon their respective state's laws that make everything before them look like child's play.

In Arizona, the UC/TF/R dominated legislature approved and UC/TF/R Governor Brewer signed laws that give tax breaks and subsidies for corporations while kicking people off of the state's Medicaid rolls.  In Wisconsin the UC/TF/R dominated legislature and UC/TF/R Governor Walker rammed through elimination of the right of public employees to collectively bargain through their respective unions while also giving out tax breaks to corporations.

UC/TF/R Michigan Governor Snyder signed a law that gave him the authority to effectively dissolve local and county governments by declaring “economic” emergencies.  The law has been used for a “trustee” takeover of some of the poorest school districts with the intent to privatize some of the schools therein and to turn others into charter schools.

The path of joblessness, poverty and destruction across this nation left by the policies of the UC/TF/R is staggering.  Now they are on course to destroy the “full faith and credit” of the United States by demanding massive cuts in our social safety net in order for them to approve raising the non-Constitutionally imposed “debt ceiling”.  In other words, they refuse to pay the bills of the United States unless the poor, working poor and the middle class give up what past generations fought for.

The UC/TF/R wants our government to go into default.  By forcing our government into default on our debts and obligations they destroy a critical portion of our nation’s foundation: Our word.  By destroying our word, they can force not just reductions in the social safety net, but the complete dismantling of that net.  Once the net is destroyed, once the corporations have free reign, once only the wealthy and privilege have access to the newly reformed government, then and only then will the UC/TF/R be happy.

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