Monday, August 29, 2011

Phoenix Mayoral & Council Election 2011

Tomorrow, Tuesday, the voters in Phoenix go to the polls to choose a new mayor and five council members.  As with all elections, this one is very important.  Unlike other elections, this is the first mayoral and five council election in which someone has identified themselves as a "tea party" candidate for mayor.

In the mayor's race, Governor Brewer would like us to vote for ethically challenged and former councilwoman Peggy Neely.  The Arizona Republic would like us to have as our next mayor lobbyist Wes Gullett and the various public unions would like us to elect the only registered Democrat in the field of six, Greg StantonAnna Brennan, Claude Mattox (*Warning* website has automatic audio) and Jennifer Wright are also on the ballot.

I myself support Greg Stanton for mayor.  Not because he is a Democrat or supported by the unions, but because he has a vision for Phoenix that doesn't include privatizing everything in sight.  He understands that if you want qualified people to work for the city, you need to treat them with respect and pay them a decent wage.  He also understands that Phoenix needs a good public transportation system, including light rail and that services for the poor and working poor are just as important as services for the elderly and the wealthy.

I have already voted for Mr. Stanton for mayor via my mail in ballot.  I hope the majority will and have done so as well.

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