Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sheriff Arpaio Does It Again

It seems like a day doesn't go by without Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office being sued for the actions of our sheriff and his department.  Since taking office in 1993, Sheriff Arpaio has cost the tax payers of Maricopa County over $50,000,000.00 in settlements and lost suits for his actions and the actions of the MCSO.  That amazing amount doesn't even include all of the lawyer fees racked up to fight these suits.

Now we find out, in Sheriff Arpaio's never ending quest for the spot light, that not only is Sheriff Arpaio named in another law suit, but so is his "Posse" buddy Steven Seagal.  That's right, Mr. Seagal was in Maricopa County to tape his "reality" television show for A&E and just happened to join the MCSO as they raided a suspected "cock fighting" operation using a tank.  And because of damage done to the property, the death of a puppy and over 100 roosters, Sheriff Arpaio and Mr. Seagal have been given a "notice of claim", which is a pre-cursor to a lawsuit, claiming $100,000.00 in damages.

As Mr. Seagal is a member of Sheriff Arpaio's "Posse", the tax payers could be held liable for his actions and any settlement amount.  I am personally opposed to the "Posse" as I see it as an unprofessional, quasi-governmental organization that borders on being a private army for the sheriff.  We have seen in the past that due to the lack of professionalism of this organization charges have been dropped against suspects.  Now we see the potential for a "celebrity" member's actions to cost the tax payers even more money and the possibility of charges being dropped against a suspect.

It is another sad and costly day in Maricopa County and again we can lay it all at the feet of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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