Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hypocrisy of the Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic is miffed.  Well, more to the point, the in the shadows “Editorial Board” is miffed.  They are miffed that there endorsed golden boy (and lobbyist) in the Phoenix mayoral elections, Wes Gullett is being targeted by “anonymous groups” that “hide behind vague, meaningless names”.  The E.B. is clutching its collective pearls in disgust at the large amounts of money being poured into these “independent expenditure” groups without any disclosure as to who the group’s funders are.

Sigh.  I would have no qualms with the E.B.’s stance if it wasn’t so hypocritical.  Not once have they called out for the disclosure of those funding a group that is attempting to make sure that Republicans continue their super-majority in the Arizona Legislature and advantage in Congressional seats.  Instead of calling for a disclosure of this group’s donors (which is fronted by local attorney David Cantelme), the E.B. attempts to protect its golden boy.

It is beyond time for the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic to call for full disclosure of the principles and financiers behind the FAIR Trust.  It is beyond time for the E.B. to call out this organization for attempting to circumvent the will of the Arizona voters by trying to suppress competiveness and to preserve the Republican legislative super-majority.

But the E.B. won’t.  It doesn’t have a golden boy to protect when it comes to redistricting.  Therefore, the Editorial Board of the Arizona Republic will continue to be hypocrites when it comes to “shadow organization” that use the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision to pollute our nation’s elections.

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