Thursday, November 10, 2011

Election 2011 Reflections

As we celebrate the victories of Tuesday, we must ask ourselves, “Why did we need these victories in the first place”?  Why did Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce need to be recalled in the first place?  Why was there a need for Phoenix Councilman Greg Stanton to face lobbyist Wes Gullett in a mayoral run-off election?  Why did the voters of Ohio need to overturn a law that would have banned collective bargaining for all government employees?  Why did the voters of Maine need to overturn a law that eliminated the right of same day voter registration, a right that voters of Maine had enjoyed for decades?

The simple answer is because in 2010, Democratic candidates were chicken shits who ran away from liberal ideals and goals.  They ran away from single payer healthcare.  They ran away from fair taxation.  They ran away from helping those with the least among us.  They ran away from holding corporations and banks responsible for their destructive and most likely illegal actions.  They ran away from supporting public education.  They ran away from supporting the rights of workers to collectively bargain.  They ran away from breaking up the banks and reinstating Glass-Steagal.  They ran away from truly helping America’s homeowners facing foreclosure.   They ran away from truly helping the unemployed.  They simply ran away.

It is true that we liberals don’t march lockstep like conservatives do.  Just look at how many liberals fell for the Waiting for Superman bullshit.  But, if liberals have one cohesive message it is “I am here for you”.  We believe that collectively we can better help the individual.  As we help that individual we help the community.  As we help the community we help the town.  As we help the town we help the county.  As we help the county we help the state.  As we help the state we help the nation.

There is no reason why anyone in this nation should go hungry.  There is no reason why anyone should go without quality medical care.  There is no reason why anyone in this nation should have to live under a highway overpass.  There is no reason that we should be building more prisons.  There is no reason why we should be vilifying those who choose to live and work in this nation, just because they are undocumented.  There is no reason why our public schools shouldn’t be palaces of learning.  There is no reason that teachers shouldn’t be celebrated instead of vilified on a daily basis.  There is no reason that DOMA should still be the law of the land.  There is no reason why corporations have more rights than actual people.

If there was ever a time for liberalism it is now.  If Democrats want to win back the legislatures, the governor’s mansions and the House of Representatives, they need to fully embrace liberal ideals and goals.  They need to give liberalism a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.  If we can make liberal ideals and goals the focus of all Democratic candidates we can stop having to recall ultra-conservatives because they will no longer be in office.  We won’t need to repeal conservative legislation at the ballot box because that legislation would never have come to the floor.

We need to flood our city councils, county boards, statehouses and governor’s mansions with liberals and those who will fight for liberal ideals and goals.  We need to make it so as conservatives find it impossible to get elected.  We need to stop running, turn around and fight.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Phoenix. We are the change we are looking for. The Dems cannot battle the monolithic borg like wing nuts, the wing nut media [FOX LIES, and TeaNN], and the republican fascist party alone. The Dems are going to need the 99% to show them the way. No more running away, Dems!

  2. Very, VERY true. Brilliant commentary that condenses what many of us feel. Bravo!


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