Monday, December 26, 2011

Arizona Bully of 2011 Nominee: The FAIR Trust

As we all know, one doesn’t have to be loud, brash or even physical to be a bully.  Some of the most effective bullies are quiet and subdued.  They use the power of the soft spoken carefully chosen word to manipulate others into doing what they desire.  In Arizona no other organization exemplified the quiet bully better in 2011 than The FAIR Trust.  With its donors hiding behind the legal protections of a legal trust, The FAIR Trust’s sole purpose is to protect the incumbency of Arizona’s Congressmen.

Session after session The FAIR Trust’s representatives stood before the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (AIRC) in an attempt to manipulate the yet to be formed new congressional districts into very safe congressional districts.  As Steve Muratore over at the Arizona Eagletarian has pointed out time and time again their argument is that competitiveness of a district and that districts protection of minority voting rights were diametrically opposed.  This is their way of quietly bullying the AIRC into creating even more safe congressional districts for the Republican Party.

So, the first Arizona Bully of 2011 nominee is: The FAIR Trust!

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