Sunday, December 25, 2011

The First Annual Bully of the Year Awards

Since the first organisms came into existence, there have been bullies.  They have always zeroed in on their targets, looking for the easiest of prey.  Mankind’s history is replete with bullies.  Some content with domination if their playground sandbox, others only content with the destruction of millions of human lives.

2011 has had its share of bullies.  Some on the international stage, some on the national stage and yet others are more local.  In order to properly dishonor these bullies, I bring to you the First Annual Bully Of The Year Awards!  Over the next few days I will be “nominating” those who I feel are worthy of Bully of 2011 on both the national and local stage.  Please feel free to email me ( with your nominees and be sure to include a detailing of why you think that person or persons deserves to be Bully of 2011.  On December 31st, 2011, I will announce the National Bully of 2011 and Arizona Bully of 2011 winners.

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