Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union Address: Pandering To Moderates and Conservatives

Do any other liberals feel “blah” over last night’s State of the Union Address by President Obama?  The SOTUA was, to me, too Republican and too conservative.  No liberal agenda (not that I expected one, not from our milquetoast president), hell, not even a token liberal concept.  It was a pep talk for moderates and conservatives not for liberals.

Though he didn’t bash liberals, as he has done for three long years for not supporting him more, he didn’t even attempt to acknowledge us.  It is almost as if, for this election, the President and his advisors have decided that liberals aren’t needed to win.  That if the President panders entirely to moderates and conservatives, no Republican can beat him this November.  And that is the problem with his entire Presidency.

This isn’t a new strategy.  His entire presidency has been about pandering to the moderates and conservatives and saying a big “fuck you” to liberals.  And where has pandering to moderates and conservatives gotten President Obama and the rest of the nation?

We still don’t have universal single payer health care.  Hell, we don’t even have the option to purchase Medicare as our health insurance provider but we do have the mandate to purchase private health insurance.

The prison at Guantanamo Bay is still open and none of the detainees can be brought to the States to be tried in civilian courts.  The Patriot Act was renewed as were the Bush era tax cuts.  Our nation’s bridges, roadways and dams are still crumbling with no plan or funding to fix them.

We still aren’t building palaces of learning and the President is pushing for more “school choice”.  Homeowners are still sinking under the weight of their mortgages while it appears the banks are going to get a sweetheart deal regarding mortgage fraud from the Department of Justice and several states’ attorney generals.

Instead of comprehensive immigration reform we have record numbers of deportations and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is still performing his living while brown “crime suppression sweeps”.  The voters of state after state are approving medical marijuana yet the Department of Justice is raiding dispensaries allowed under the individual state’s laws.

So it comes as no real surprise that President Obama didn’t even offer us liberals a trinket in the speech.  Why should he have?  He seems very happy pandering to moderates and conservatives, which is too bad for our nation.

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