Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Hate Valentine's Day

Every year leading up today, Valentine’s Day, we are inundated with ad after ad enticing us to purchase flowers, diamonds and stuffed teddy bears to show how much we love our mate.  Although those ads feature male and female couples not one of them features a same sex couple.  If love is supposed to be universal, why are gays and lesbians ignored by the flower, diamond and stuffed teddy bear companies? 

Is our money not good enough for them or is it they don’t consider our love equal or real?  That seems to be the argument by politicians and religious figures around the nation when they argue against same sex marriage.  Rick Santorum equates our love with pedophilia, bestiality and alcoholism.  The “One Million Moms” doesn’t like that a lesbian is the spokesperson for J.C. Penney.  A vast majority of states ban same sex marriage and/or recognition of a same sex marriage legal in another state, thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Sure, we can celebrate victories in the war for marriage equality in Iowa, Washington, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire, but the war is far from over.  Even though same sex couples can get married in those states, their marriages are only recognized by those states.  The United States government is prohibited from recognizing same sex marriages because of DOMA and because of DOMA states that ban same sex marriage don’t have to recognize same sex marriages from other states either.  Gays and lesbians are finally allowed to serve openly in the military, but they are eligible to receive spousal benefits as their straight married comrades-in-arms are.

This is what happens when we have legalized discrimination.  This is what happens when we put civil rights up for a popular vote.  This is what happens when religious leaders are allowed to steer legislation and push ballot measures.  This is what happens when politicians use us as punching bags to garner votes.

So, it’s not surprising that the flower, diamond and stuffed teddy bear companies don’t value us enough to include us in their marketing.  Our love just isn’t good enough for them.

I hate Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Well, PJ, as I said over on C & L, kida hard for me to hate it, joined at the hip to it as I am... *smile*...

    Addressing only the actual day, I think it's OK if some need a little reminder to be grateful for the loved one they have... but the commercialization is as bad as ever... as far as recognizing that gay people have their own loves that deserve honor, spot on. Though I thought it was rather refreshing the matter of fact way the NBC news interviewed LBGTQ folks about their take on the day, and how they intended to celebrate with their other halves, but that's pretty rare.

    Hopefully the blind out there who aren't so much willfully so will have some vision granted as a result, the more recognition is given...

    But, yeah, isn't love in short enough supply as it is, and why so seldom a recognition that true love chooses the heart and mind before considering the plumbing...


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