Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Is Not A Liberal!

I really wish people would stop referring to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a “liberal” or even as a “moderate”.  Does he publicly have any liberal views?  Just one: Gun control.  Other than that, his views are pretty conservative such as being anti-union and being pro-privatization of schools and other government services.  So it gets my feathers ruffled when friends-of-liberals such as Bill Maher paint Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-soda crusade as being “liberal”.  Trying to ban certain sizes of sodas is not a liberal concept.  No, a liberal concept would have been to push an education campaign about the need to get rid of high-fructose corn syrup from so many products.

Bill Maher is lucky I was sitting in my living room and not in his studio audience, because instead of rushing to the stage to box him in the ears when he kept referring to Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-soda policy of being liberal, I was yelling at my television.

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