Friday, October 4, 2013

My Grand Bargain

News stories have been flying around that some Republicans would like a "grand bargain" that would both reopen government (which they closed down) and raise the nation's debt limit.  The Chained CPI is rearing its ugly head and is something that our Milquetoast President is dying to get, as is means testing for Social Security and corporate tax "reform".

In other words, its a "grand bargain" to fuck over everyone without a trust fund (and some with one).  So, I offer up the following as my own "grand bargain":

  1. Institution of Single Payer Universal Healthcare at best and Medicare for All at worst.
  2. The elimination of "carried interest".
  3. Raising the Capital Gains Tax to 20% of all investment income.
  4. A top marginal tax rate of 50% for incomes of $1 million or more, with a minimum actual tax rate of 30%.
  5. A stock and commodities markets transaction tax of .1% of each trade.
  6. A Constitutional Amendment declaring that corporations are not "persons" and may not contribute to campaigns, political action committees or advocate for and/or against any political issue and/or candidate.
  7. A massive public investment in our infrastructure, public schools and high speed passenger rail.
  8. No company executive may receive total compensation in excess of 50 times of what the lowest compensated employee receives.
  9. Inclusion of all compensation and elimination of the earnings cap for FICA taxes.
  10. Elimination and banning of state drug testing requirements to receive Federal safety net  benefits.
  11. Raising the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour with automatic yearly COLA adjustments each year.
  12. Permanent inclusion of food stamps (SNAP) in the Farm Bill, with automatic COLA adjustments each year.
I am sure there are others, so feel free to leave in the comments what you would like to see added to this "grand bargain" list.

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