Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Starting about a week before my 45th birthday on July 18th of this year, I have felt "lost".  I don't know if its a mild form of depression or if its some sort of midlife crisis, but my mind has been rather cloudy.  It is difficult for me to focus on anyone thing, let alone enjoy anything.  I have even stopped playing Star Wars: The Old Republic the feeling of being "lost" is so great and I have really enjoyed playing SWTOR.  Hell, I don't even find enjoyment reading anymore.

I wonder if this is a problem other manic-depressives have dealt with or is it just me?  Luckily I have a therapy session tomorrow (Wednesday) and maybe I can start not feeling so "lost" again.

PS Please don't worry.  I am not having harmful thoughts, I just feel "lost".

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