Friday, November 12, 2010

Cindy McCain: Soon to be Senator Cindy McCain?

I wonder if Cindy McCain is setting herself up as the "moderate" choice for Republicans when her husband passes away with her continued appearances in the NOH8 campaign.  I know, I know.  I am a ghoul for even thinking that Senator John McCain (R - Arizona) will die, but we have to look at the realities.

  1. Senator McCain is 74 years old.
  2. There is the possibility that Senator McCain will die while in office and before his term expires in 2016.
  3. If Senator McCain does die while in office, under state law, a Republican must be chosen as his replacement, from three names provided by the Arizona Republican Party.
  4. Arizona is a very red state and if Cindy McCain has political aspirations, as a moderate she would have a snow balls chance in Phoenix of winning at the ballot box on her own, but she could persuade the Arizona Republican Party to place her name in nomination.
  5. By being appointed to her late husbands vacant seat to serve out the rest of his term, she would become an automatic incumbent, one wealthy enough to be able to fund her own campaign if necessary.
  6. Governor Brewer would have political cover for appointing Cindy McCain as the next Senator since it is really the state Republican Party's choice.
Of course, this is all speculation and I could be very wrong.  But one has to wonder, why is Cindy McCain being so visible in being a moderate when she could just as easily be whispering into Senator McCain's ear to knock off the rhetoric and do what's right.

Only time will tell.

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