Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Arizona: The Grand Nut Job State

As reported by my friends over at the Phoenix New Times, today the Arizona Senate makes war on all human beings and the United States Constitution.  Senate President Russell Pearce and his allies are bound and determined to rebrand Arizona as the Grand Nut Job State.  For you Buffy fans, think of the Arizona State House as being on the Hellmouth and Senator Pearce is the First Evil.

One bill being "debated" today will be in direct contradiction to the 14th Amendment regarding birthright citizenship.  Another bill will require employees of hospitals to become immigration agents, while another bill will force students to prove that they are U.S. citizens.  Let's not forget the bill to eliminate the state Medicaid program, ACCCHS.

Arizona has a legitimate image problem and today isn't going to help.  Of course, this is designed to divert attention away from Arizona's self-inflicted budget deficit and the fact that the Republicans only plan to "balance" the budget is on the backs of the poor and working poor while diverting hundreds of millions for more corporate welfare.

Today is going to be a dark day in Arizona that will be felt nationwide.

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