Friday, February 4, 2011

The Goldwater Institute: Ignoring Maricopa County Government

In a previous postings, I talked about how Maricopa County is the center of the dysfunctional universe and how to fix the problem.  That dysfunction has led to over $106 million in lawsuits by county supervisors, current employees and former employees.  What is worse, is the fact the supervisors will have the final say over who gets the money, funded by the tax payers, and it seems there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Oh, if only there were an organization that proclaims to be libertarian and a protector of tax payers to come to our rescue.

The Goldwater Institute proclaims to be such an institution.  They have filed lawsuit after lawsuit against various Arizona governments in regards to use of tax monies.  For some reason though, they are deathly silent in regards to the mess that is Maricopa County government.  No lengthy position paper.  No press conference decrying how the tax payers are getting screwed.  And definitely, no lawsuit.

Why is the Goldwater Institute so quiet in regards to Maricopa County government?  What are they scared of?  Are they giving up their status as a libertarian watchdog of government?  It would be nice to know who will be sticking up for Maricopa County tax payers, because it doesn't appear to be the Goldwater Institute.

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