Saturday, August 20, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Hates Our Nation's Constitution

What is it with social conservatives and their apparent hatred of our nation's constitution?  As noted by Yahoo!'s The Ticket, Governor Rick Perry doesn't want to just add and amendment, he wishes to transform the document entirely.  His proposed changes would turn our founding document from one of protecting us from the tyranny of the majority to one that removes those protections.

Governor Perry proposes to remove lifetime tenure of Federal judges, eliminate the income tax by rescinding the 16th Amendment and eliminate the election of Senators by the voters of the various states by rescinding the 17th Amendment.  He would also make marriage equality unconstitutional, allow Congress to effectively "veto" decisions of the Supreme Court with a 2/3rds vote, impose a false balanced budget requirement and forever remove the right of women to choose whether to take a pregnancy to term.

The question that no one is asking is will these proposed changes to our nation's constitution make us better or make us worse off.  In my opinion, these proposed changes will only reverse years of progress.  That is something we cannot allow.

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