Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Memo: Being Bold Is The Only Solution

In our nation's history, we are always at our best when we are at our boldest.  The Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, the Emancipation Proclamation, Seward's Folly, the building of the Hoover Dam, the creation of Social Security and Medicare, going to the moon, etc.  These were all bold steps for our nation, propelling us into an unknown, but ultimately better future.  It is when we are timid, implementing plans with the least resistance that our nation suffers.  To be at our best in these troubled times, we need to be bold.

Bold Plan #1: Rescind the Healthcare Affordability Act in its entirety and replace it with a simple Medicare for All plan, including allowing Medicare to use its buying power to lower drug costs.  By giving the option to everyone to purchase into the most efficient medical insurance system, we spread out the risk and make health care insurance available to everyone, not just to those that can afford it.

Bold Plan #2: Get rid of Medicaid and place all those currently on Medicaid into the Medicare system.  We all know that Medicaid was a grand experiment of cooperation between the states and the federal government to provide medical care to the poor and working poor.  But that "cooperation" is Medicaids biggest flaw.  It created inefficiencies that led to higher costs.  Also, by relying on the states to pay a portion of the program's costs, state politics trumped providing the necessary funds.  As we have seen in Arizona, Medicaid's budget was cut by over $500 million while the legislature provided over $500 million in tax cuts to corporations.

Bold Plan #3: Institute a complete overhaul of our infrastructure.  Replace all of our nation's crumbling bridges, roads and highways.  Create a national high speed passenger rail system connecting every major city.  Replace all of the crumbling pipes.  By implementing such a complete overhaul, we will put millions of people to work while also increasing our overall efficiencies.

Bold Plan #4: Replace our crumbling schools with palaces of learning.  By creating environments that are safe, bright, full of the latest technologies and conducive to learning, we will be better preparing our children for the future.

These are my bold plans, feel free to share your bold plans in the comment section.

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