Saturday, August 6, 2011

Michael Cera Sucks

Michael Cera - One Note Actor
I just watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World starring Michael Cera and there is no doubt in my mind that Michael Cera is best at playing Michael Cera.  Ever since his role as George-Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, Michael Cera has played one character: Himself.

Most actors try to make sure that they don't get typecast.  They try to take on a variety of roles so as they don't only receive scripts for the same types of roles.  Think Matt Damon taking on the role of Jason Bourne.  He sure surprised the hell out of me!

Michael Cera, on the other hand, seems to relish the role of always playing himself.  Whether he is playing Evan in Superbad or Paulie Bleeker in Juno or Nick in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist or Oh in Year One or even the characters of Nick Twist and his alter ego Francois Dillinger in Youth in Revolt, Mr. Cera always plays himself.  To say the least, the act is old and tiresome.

If Mr. Cera truly wants to act, he needs to play someone other than himself.  He needs to take on challenging roles that take him out of his comfort zone.  He needs to do as Jamie Bell did after Billy Elliot and get into some action roles that are nowhere near the character of himself.

Until that day though, Michael Cera will only be a one note actor playing a one note role: Himself.

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