Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Nation Without a Leader

Speaker of the House Boehner has no control over his own fellow Republican congressmen.  Majority Leader Reid has no spine and President Obama prefers that conservatives like him instead of fighting for what's right.  We are a nation without a leader.

Nature abhors a vacuum and our nation's capital is the prime example of that simple rule.  Without true leadership, bad things happen and small groups, such as the "tea party" Republicans, can hold our nation hostage.  Without true leadership our nation can not move forward.  Without true leadership our nation will produce something that will make Japan's "Lost Decade" look like a picnic.

I have made no secret of my disdain for President Obama and his "milquetoast presidency".  His lack of clear and coherent leadership and his desire to start every debate with a compromise that gives the other side all that they want has created a clear and present danger to our nation.  His lack of leadership has allowed 60 "tea party" Republicans in the House of Representatives to fuck with the "full faith and credit" our nation.

Instead of calling in the leadership of both Houses of Congress and demanding a clean "debt ceiling" increase, he only brought in the Republican leadership and offered steep cuts in the social safety net.  This is, of course, President Obama's standard modus operandi: Give the other side everything they want from the start then cry foul when they accept and more.

We need a true leader and I am calling for a primary challenger for President Obama.  One who can not only beat President Obama but also the Republican nominee (whoever that might be) in November, 2012.  But I don't want a Democratic nominee who will be a tool of the right.  I want a Democratic nominee who will fight for Democratic principles of a strong social safety net, sound fiscal policy and equality for all.

Right now, the only person who I believe fits the bill is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  His leadership in getting his state's marriage equality bill onto his desk proves he can get things done.  That is the type of leadership we need.  That is the type of leadership we deserve.   Find me a better candidate and I will vote for them.

Who do you think should be President Obama's primary challenger who can also win in November, 2012?  Put your suggestions into the comments.

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