Monday, August 1, 2011

Sold Down the River ... Again

Back in December I wrote a letter to President Obama.  One paragraph stands out time and time again whenever we need the president to stand up to the radical (if not treasonous) agenda of the Republican Party:
I understand it is in your nature to compromise.  You want to feel like you made everyone happy.  Here is the simple rule about the art of compromise: Start off with what is scariest to the other side and then after they have offered up something do you even think about moving toward them.  The problem is, you compromise right from the start and end up giving the other side everything that they wanted and more, all the while shafting your base.  What makes matters worse is that you then chastise your base for not supporting you.
Instead of fighting for a simple, clean debt ceiling increase, President Obama was willing to give the Republicans everything they wanted from the start.  Of course the Republicans figured that if he was willing to give them the store, why not go for everything else as well.  The country and the world was put in further danger as the Republicans demanded more, revised and demanded even more.

The Congressional Democratic leadership has of course been President Obama's greatest ally, willing to sell out of the rest of us to get a deal, any deal passed.  With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans?

Now we get word that a deal has been made that gives Republicans most of what they want now with promises of much more in the future while fucking over the American people.  It is not a surprise, really.  I have hoped that one day that President Obama and the Democratic leadership would grow some spines and fight for the American people, but that hope has been wasted, again.


  1. So exactly what did you want? Default? I guess the many students who will be getting their full Pell Grants this fall could have been sacrificial lambs for your pettiness…or maybe you’ve been watching one to many episodes of the West Wing and thinks that’s how it works for real. In all your “outrage” you didn’t explain how to get to a majority of votes in the House and the Senate to get the tax increases on the top 2% wage earners.

  2. Actually, I did spell out what should by done in my posting on July 29th, entitled "A Suggestion for Speaker Boehner". All I wanted was a clean "debt ceiling" vote, not tied to anything else. The budget could have been dealt with separately.


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