Saturday, September 3, 2011

The "Tea Party" Movement's Disconnect With Reality

The Arizona Republic has been publishing Letter's To The Editor for the last couple of weeks slamming Democrats for being "uncompromising" when it comes to legislation supported by "tea party" movement Republicans.  Living in Arizona, its no surprise that there are those, such as Russell Howe, that the "tea party" Republicans can do no wrong:
Regarding the Aug. 27 letter "Other 'proud extremists' in the world": Can we just take a deep breath and look at "tea party" extremists from both sides?

When the Republican House of Representatives sent the "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill to the Senate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tabled the bill and would not allow it to be debated.

In addition, President Barack Obama promised to veto the bill if it passed the Senate and came to his desk.

Does the writer really consider that to be compromise?

Of course, Mr. Howe, like so many of his "tea party" compatriots, completely disconnected from reality.   The so called "Cut, Cap and Balance" bill is and was always a political stunt.  Everyone knew in the House that it would die a quiet death in the Senate.  They all knew that is how the game is played and honestly, that's how the Founding Fathers designed Congress.

If the "tea party" Republicans truly wanted a balanced budget, they would stop with these political stunts and support rescinding the "Bush Tax Cuts" on the wealthiest two percent of Americans.  They would support ending subsidies for oil companies.  They would close the loopholes that give incentives to American corporations to offshore their workforces and their profits.

Hell, if the "tea party" Republicans were serious about governing and not just trying to make sure a Republican is elected president in 2012, they would knock off the games and introduce legislation that will help the nation.  But we all know that the "tea party" Republicans have no intention of actually governing.  Their sole concern is to weaken America by destroying our government and our economic well being.  It is only after achieving those goals that they can begin to build their theocratic "free market" utopia.

Their disconnect with reality is their downfall, now if only the media and the rest of the nation would realize it.

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