Friday, December 30, 2011

Arizona Bully of 2011 Nominee: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Arizona Bully of 2011 Nominee Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Just saying his name conjures up images of a desert gulag system where the convicted and non-convicted alike are forced to eat green bologna, wear pink boxers and the infamous “Tent City”, Arizona’s very own concentration camp.  Other images include “crime suppression sweeps” in heavily Hispanic neighborhoods and areas with hundreds of deputies and “posse” members rounding up “suspected” undocumented immigrants and violating their rights.  Yet, the most shocking images are those of arrested dying while in Sheriff Arpaio’s custody.

Hell, the images conjured by the mention of Sheriff Arpaio are enough to make the Department of Homeland yank his department’s ability see if a person processed through his jails are undocumented immigrants or not.

Congratulations Sheriff Arpaio, you are an Arizona Bully of 2011 Nominee!

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