Tuesday, December 27, 2011

National Bully of 2011 Nominee: Newt Gingrich

National Bully of 2011 Nominee Newt Gingrich
I am sure that no one will be surprised with our next National Bully of 2011 nominee.  This nominee recently failed to secure a spot on the ballot for the Virginia Republican Presidential Primary and likened that failure to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  This nominee, when asked by a gay Iowa voter why that voter should vote for this nominee, said that the voter should vote for President Obama instead.  This nominee believes that child labor laws should be abolished so as poor children in poor neighborhoods could be janitors in their schools and replace union janitors.  And finally, this nominee, if elected president, would have no problem ordering the arrests of judges he felt made decisions that were “out of the mainstream”.

And this wonderful National Bully of 2011 Nominee is: Newt Gingrich!  Congratulations Newt for getting onto my list!

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  1. It seems, by the lack of comments here, that it is difficult to be civil when discussing Newt Gingrich.
    Nevertheless, I will try.....
    I would like to second your nomination of Newt Gingrich as National Bully of 2011.


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