Monday, March 26, 2012

Who Really Writes the Laws in Arizona?

Who Really Writes the Laws in Arizona?
I am trying to figure out, is there any bill Republicans in the Arizona Legislature have proposed that hasn’t been written by the Goldwater Institute, ALEC, Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) or the NRA?  What are we paying legislators for?

From the Arizona Republic (emphasis mine):

In Arizona, Melvin's measure calls for the transfer of lands to the state from the federal government. He brought the bill to Arizona after hearing about it late last year from the American Legislative Exchange Council, an organization that often provides state lawmakers with model legislation, written by its own staff.

I can’t think of one bill that doesn’t have the order of one of these ultra-conservative groups behind it.  Here is the challenge: Email me any bill proposed by a Republican in the Arizona Legislature that wasn’t crafted by the Goldwater Institute, ALEC, CAP or the NRA.

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